William Arist | Perseverancia Records
Neo Groove EP Incl Remixe by Truncate | Mind Medizin

01 Neo Groove I
02 Neo Groove II
03 Neo Groove I (Truncate Remix)
South American techno producer William Arist steps up to Lady Tazz’s Mind Medizin while scene
mainstay Truncate remixes.
William Arist hails from Montevideo and has a heavy take on techno that has seen him release on Uncage, Planet Rhythm and Ben Audio. He runs his own Perseverancia Records and has had the likes of Joel Mull and Richie Hawtin playing his tracks. He is also a teacher who owns the Sonoro music school
and lays down a fine lesson in tech on this brand-new EP.
The steamy 'Neo Groove I' is intense and edgy techno with tightly woven synths, drums and bass. It's a never-ending trip through desolate industrial spaces that manages to hypnotise while offering plenty of cinematic details. 'Neo Groove II' layers up twisted metal sounds with big, icy hi-hats. The punchy drum loops are warm and packed with pent-up energy, and as the synths come and go, the tension rises and falls to always keep you guessing.
L.A.-based Truncate is renowned for his rolling techno style, coming on labels like 50Weapons, CLR, Ovum, and his own eponymously titled imprint. This remix is another classic, with infectious techno drum funk laid down in signature Truncate style. Pulsing synths are stitched in next to rusty hi-hats to make for a raw, heads-down stomper.
‘Neo Groove EP’ is another subversive techno outing for Lady Tazz's always on-point Mind Medizin label.
Gultural EP | Frenzy (Vinyl / Digital)

01.Chaka Chaka
05.Chaka Chaka (Vil Remix)
06.Gultural (Kenji Hina House Remix)

For Frenzy’s third release, and the first solo release, the Uruguay-based William Arist is introducing us to his world of ‘tribal techno’. Hailing from the city of Montevideo, this Southern-American-born artist already is a talent to watch overseas. Through their like-minded vision of electronic music, William bonded strongly with our Amsterdam-based Frenzy crew over the last couple of years. This warm connection evolved into Frenzy 03 - showcasing pure dance floor eclecticism that only William can deliver, including two remixes by no other than VIL and rising star Kenji Hina aka Alarico.

The A side instantly kicks off at full good vibe-throttle with two productions that reminisce about those iconic Love Parade moments during the very first days of rave culture. Balancing on the edge of house and techno, ‘Chaka Chaka’ loops the listener into a straight sense of movement. With rhythmic drums and uplifting vocals, ‘Days’ feels like stepping into an after hour dance-floor at the beach while the morning sun rises through the exotic vegetation.

On the B side, William leans towards a more hypnotic sound. With a great tempo and a dark yet subtle mood, ‘Tero’ sets the tone for those murky clubbing moments where the boundaries dissolve and bodies merge. Slowly climbing out of the deep, ‘Gultural’ stays on the same energy level while adding dubby hints and a taste of freshness.

To top it off, the release is provided with two remixes that leave no room for interpretation. Portuguese producer VIL turned ‘Chaka Chaka’ into a true peak-hour beast while Italian multi-talent Alarico shows his versatile skill set with a speedy house remix of ‘Gultural’ under his Kenji Hina alias.
Marco Effe - Slide Inwards Incl Remixes by William Arist (Vinyl / Digital)

01.Suborbital Pattern (William Arist Soulful Remix)
02.Suborbital Pattern (William Arist Rhythm Remix)

We are thrilled to have our good friend Marco Effe back on Break New Soil. Marco has been a core member of the label family since the early days and it´s inspiring to see how his sound has evolved over the years. With these new productions, Marco delivers a stomping and rough 4-tracker, destined to set warehouse floors on fire! On remix duties, we are very happy to finally have William Arist deliver not one but two of his signature remixes, that complete a perfect classic sounding Techno release, yet with a modern twist to it! Enjoy!
San Luis Ep | Liberta

01. San Luis
02. The World Of Sound
03. San Luis (Yant Remix)
04. The World Of Sound (Vinicius Honorio Rework)

The talented William Arist returns on Liberta for its 29th installment with San Luis EP. The release also features a remix by Manchester's rising star Yant and label head honcho Vinicius Honorio.
Biger Than Yours Ep (with Ackermann) | Safe Space

01.Bigger Than Mine
02.Bigger Than Yours

..."The 'Bigger than yours' EP with William Arist is finally out as the second release on my new label Safe Space Records.
We made this record last year in lockdown and tried to give that classic dub techno vibe a contemporary outfit and I still love these 2 tracks to bits, I hope you dig them as well! To me they are a perfect fit for Safe Space since I try to release records there that are hard to pinpoint on a certain year of release and maintain a timeless and classic vibe I can still enjoy in a few years without thinking: "Oh that's so 2022" 😅

Really happy and grateful for all the early support and great feedback from Alexander Kowalski, Chris Liebing, DJ Bone, Dotdat, Michael Klein, Pan-Pot, Slam, The Advent, Vincent Neumann and lots of other great djs out there! Thanks so much ❤️🙏🏻"...
B-One Ep | Bek Audio

01. B-One
02. B-One (Gary Beck Remix)
03. Excesivo

BEK Audio welcomes Uruguayan artist William Arist for his frenetic two-track debut EP with an authentic flavor of track-busting techno.

Label boss Gary Beck takes on the remixing duties to complete this special release that is undoubtedly billed as a must-have killer banger of 2021.
RUM Ep | On Edge Society

02.Tech Against Us
03.Crudo Y Salvaje II
04.Crudo Y Salvaje IV

Brooklyn based On Edge Society welcome's Uruguay's Finest techno export, Willam Arist.

Willam Arist has been on fire this year with releases on UNCAGE, Dead Cert ,GND, and again on OES.

R.U.M EP delivers 4 tracks aimed for the floor. His signature percussive and minimalist techno is on vast display.

Let The Music Speak.
DEADCERTBLACK002 | Dead Cert Black (Vinyl only)

Marco Effe - Sonogram
Arnaud Le Texier - Corrode
William Arist - Cyanophyta
QphoriQ - Statique

DEADCERTBLACK002 is the return of the vinyl-only series limited to 200 copies.
The second instalment features individual tracks from a selection of handpicked artists. Featuring known and established artists, but also those breaking into the industry.
This EP contains quality cuts from Marco Effe in Berlin, Arnaud Le Texier in London, William Arist from Uruguay and Qphoriq who is based in Russia.

..."B1. William Arist - Cyanophyta

William Arist is an established artist from Uruguay with over 100 tracks released across vinyl and digital formats using a multitude of monikers. His productions have caught the ear of heads such as Ben Sims and his quality can be heard instantly. "Cyanophyta" is a moody and twisted techno beast that uses engaging, esoteric and looping tones to capture the imagination with a powerful style bursting with energy."...
Foto: Arnaud Le Texier

Dystopic Perception | Dead Cert.

Desire (Roberto aka Fossil Archive Remix)

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website deathtechno.com ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen the previous releases feature music from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex and Petter B, to name but a few.

Uruguay-based William Arist returns to DEAD CERT. following his fierce vinyl only contribution "Cyanophyta" that has gathered pace as an essential DJ weapon. Having released on labels like Animal Farm, Vinicius Honorio's Liberta, Deano (ZA)'s Knowledge Imprint, his very own Perseverancia and soon Marco Faraone's UNCAGE, he also lists support by the likes of Ben Sims, Charlotte de Witte and Tensal.

He has delved into his vast production archive especially for DEAD CERT. and alongside three original works is a remix from Fossil Archive aka Roberto.
Fossil Archive also goes by the name Roberto to many and has a back catalogue including Radio Slave's Rekids, Mike Dehnert’s Fachwerk, Emmanuel’s ARTS, On Edge Society and collaborations with the late Trevino and Roman Lindau for example, his huge, consistent and educated sound is much loved.

"Drastic" kicks things off with a raw, angular jam, wrapped in analogue grit and infectious electronic funk that tears forward with a jovial heart at its core.

Second up is "Desire" that opts for a different approach. The rolling bottom end, pulsing phasers and deep chords add a warm sensitivity to its otherwise energetic framework.

Fossil Archive aka Roberto goes full throttle with his rework, jackin' at its best with both feet on the dance floor and a style that will defy anyone not to succumb to its monumental influence.

Showing his production skills in full effect, "Dystopia" is a lesson in abstract grooves and rich sound design, for those who like leftfield techno dripping in character and creativity.
S-File Restriction | GND

S-File - Restriction (Original Mix)
S-File - Restriction (William Arist Remix)
S-File - Restriction (Mode One Remix)
My remix of "Restriction" from S-File
"Restriction" is one of the singles serie of his very first album after 25 years called "Balance" out under his own imprint GND.
Glad to be part of the artists selected for this work alongside other great guys like Mark Broom, David Carretta, Deadwalkman, Fhase 87, Albert Slavatierra, Skov Bowden, Mode one, Karras Martinez.
..."DJ and producer S-File is recognized as one of the proponents of contemporary techno. Widely associated with iconic trademarks including GND Records, S-File stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene. Restrriction is the 3rd SIngle of his current Album Balance. Restriction is coming with two dance floor smasher remixes plus the original one on the way. William Artist is one of the leading artist of the Uruguay Techno Scene. Releases on his label Perseverancia Records and his last release on Knowledge are supporting from the big names of the scene. The second remix is coming from the resident Dj at the District 8 and Subject Events from Dublin, Mode_1. He is better known with his current record on Fiedel's own imprint Fiedel and records on the French Knotweed Records. We are proud to have both stunning artists with their work on this release! "...
Various Artist - Static Vol 2 | On Edge Society

Luca La Rocca - Illusion
Omis - Fake
William Arist - What Are You Doing?
Clark Davis - Brainwash
Xander - Tracer
Mink - Jung

Various Artist - Static Vol 2
No Place | Uncage

Next Hype
Crudo Y Salvaje
No Place
Do You Know How To Read?

..."Uncage’s goal is to discover and promote new artists next to established names in the scene.
This time we welcome on board William Arist from Uruguay with his 4 tracker EP “No Place”, raw and intense on point, typical of our label’s sound"...
Knowledge Imprint VA 002 | Knowledge Imprint

Blenk - Spell
William Arist - Like Everybody Wants Now
Yant - Mantis
Ari Atai - Signal Phase
dotdat - Polyslave

..."Following this is William Arist’s ‘Like Everybody Wants Now’. The Uruguayan artist has been in the game for some time, and his production experience is on full display here. Much like the A1, this track is focussed with its sound design, but equally functional for DJ sets. Taking things back to four-to-the-floor, this A2 is an essential for the peak-time dance-floor given its driving energy and heavy beats."...

Smoke Of Dead Ep | Liberta Records

Dark Evening
Smoke Of Dead
Mente Podrida
Mente Focalizada
Mente Aturdida

Hailing from Montevideo, William Arist is one of South America’s techno rising stars. William’s unique techno style has made a home on labels such as Animal Farm and Dead Cert, and recently his own imprint, Perseverancia Records owner.

William’s debut release on Liberta Records is a showcase of deep and tough grooves, including two remixes for Vinicius Honorio. ‘Smoke of Dead’ is surely a release that will echo in the scene for a while.

Steam Ep | Tauten

Steam (Heron Remix)
Oxide (Heron Remix)

Finally, we welcome established artist from Montevideo, Uruguay with over 100 tracks released across vinyl and digital formats, William Arist.
We were in love in his sound over past years, so it was our goal to bring him on our label. You will understand this after listening this 3 techno tools.
For remixes we asked Heron to do his best, and he did. So all packed in monster EP.
VA - Formless Vol. 1 | Abstraction

01 Åre:gone - Fue a lo mejor, mejor
02 JLTZ - Triss
03 William Arist - Binary code
04 -2 - Derrapagem
05 Temudo - L8
06 Eònan - Point of no return
07 Ascorbite - All about the hustle
08 Earthscape - Chords for grace
09 Vil - 2daBone
10 The Chronics - Cloud nine

For the second installment of this year we open a new door, the "Formless" series, which aims to cover a wide spectrum of contemporary techno.

..." William Arist presents "Binary Code" for the third; a very useful tool with guaranteed results for any dance floor.  "...
Quintaesencia Ep | Animal Farm

Quintaesencia I
Quintaesencia II
Quintaesencia III

Uruguayan based William Arist drops the hard hitting Quintaesencia on Animal Farm, marking his debut on the label.
The Path To Liberation Ep | Induxtriall

The Path To Liberation
8 Seconds 

No description by the label 
Allure Ep | Dead Cert

Allure (Hemka Remix)
Allure (Antonio De Angelis Remix)
Allure (Juan Trujillo Remix)

William Arist is an established artist from Montevideo, Uruguay with over 100 tracks released across vinyl and digital formats using a multitude of monikers. His productions have caught the ear of heads such as Ben Sims in his Run It Red mix show, and his quality can be heard instantly as we expect to see him flourish even more this year.

Included in this single release are three top class remixers, Hemka from France, Antonio De Angelis in London, and Juan Trujillo who is based in Argentina.